New member registration information


Membership Form
EFT details are on the bottom of this form. Disregard year at the top if it is wrong. Members are not expected to fill one of these out each year unless their details have changed.


Club Policy with Trip Rating Guide
This has important information for new members and visitors wanting to go on trips.


Emergency Medical Form
This may be required by a trip leader for more remote trips and/or should be left in the driver's glovebox in case of emergency

Membership Fees

One fee per couple (vehicle)
$70 Annual Fee
(All memberships expire in August when we hold our AGM)

Pro Rata Rates for new members
If joining in Aug, Sept, Oct - $70
If joining in Nov, Dec, Jan - $55
If joining in Feb, Mar, April - $40
If joining in May, June, July - $25

Country Membership is available for $30 per annum.

Ready to sign up?

Email the Registration Form to our Treasurer:

Or better still, come along to a meeting and hand it over in person!

Payment can be made by EFT or in cash at any meeting